T-Top Buddy

A Cupholder Where You Want It

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We've got some answers. Email us if you have questions that aren't included here. 

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What size pipe does it fit?

T-Top Buddy has a flexible clamp that works best for t-top structures with 1.875" outside diameter, which is an internal 1.5" pipe. 

How much weight will it hold?

It will hold a 30oz stainless tumbler with a notched bottom, similar to the images in the shop. You can fill this drink up with liquid and ice and your T-Top Buddy will hold it in place. 

Is it hard to install?

Not at all! While it is snug, you need to push it in lightly and maybe separate the clamp a bit. This creates the best experience so that your cupholder stays in place.

How is it made?

T-Top Buddy is a single piece, injection molded plastic. With a draining bottom and temperature resistant material, T-Top Buddy will keep your drink in place without pooling water or warping in place. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping for all customized orders is free, expect your printed product to ship 7 business days from your date of order. Order of single units are $5 for the first T-Top Buddy and $1 extra for each additional. 

How is the logo printed?

Logos are screenprinted directly onto your T-Top Buddies. Customized orders include a single color logo printed for your order. Two color logos are available for a $100 surcharge on 250 count orders.