T-Top Buddy

A Cupholder Where You Want It

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Beverage Sponsorships

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Brand Your Buddy

Every business is looking for ways to get their brand into a client's hands. T-Top Buddy is the perfect giveaway that is functional and will be used by your clients. Instead of spending money on useless promotional tools, get your logo on T-Top Buddy, the best promotional item since holiday popcorn tins. 

Style & Quality

T-Top Buddy is meant to be outside in the heat. A strong single form plastic makes for a flexible clamp that will hold even your fullest Tumbler. A smooth finished will make sure that it doesn't scratch your powder coating. With a draining bottom, don't worry about standing condensation. 

The Idea

We are boaters. Living in South Florida, the weekends are spent outdoors and on the water. Taking friends and family out on the boat means you have to compete for cupholders. So instead of cutting into the boat, we came up with a better idea. T-Top Buddy was born so that your cupholders goes where you need it.